Saffy is about to turn 11 months old and then, on Christmas Day, she will be one year old. And no longer a foal. She’ll be a yearling. And this is kind of sad. A yearling is a horse (male or female) between one and two years of age and it’s comparable to a young adolescent.

I say it’s sad because I’ve really enjoyed Saffy’s foalhood (is this a term, if not I’d better claim it!). She’s been a dream foal just like her mum, Karma, was a dream broodmare and a dream mother. Karma has been very relaxed. I’ve been very relaxed. And this has made Saffy one chilled out, bold foal.

She really isn’t scared of much and loves being around me and Miss Rosie, who has also really changed since Saffy’s arrival. Saffy spends heaps of time with Rosie and I think this has matured her. Rosie is rising 6 and is a far more confident mare than she was two years ago when I clamped my eyes on her and instantly knew she would be the horse for me. It was love at first sight.

From the very moment Saffy was born, I have been working with her. When I groom her, I take the opportunity to drape myself over her; scratch her belly; lift up her hooves; tickle her ears and so on. She is totally comfortable with this and looks forward to our time together in the sun.

Often, when I’m grooming her, she falls asleep. Karma is never far away, always watching her foal but in the full knowledge that when she’s with me, she is enjoying quality time.

It’s also amazing to see the curiosity in Saffy’s eyes. I remember when she first saw the wheelbarrow full of hay. It makes a rattling noise and I thought she’d get a fright and run off. But no. This bold foal stood her ground, then confronted the wheelbarrow. She sniffed it all over, then realised yippee, there’s hay and promptly forgot whether or not the wheelbarrow was a scary object.

Every morning, when I’m in the kitchen, I look out to see Miss Rosie staring at me, waiting for hay. And next to her is usually Saffy. When I go outside to say good morning, I’m usually met with neighs from Miss Rosie and Karma. But Saffy is always the one to spend time greeting me when the wheelbarrow full of hay brings their breakfast. Whilst the others stuff their faces, Saffy comes up to me to get lots of cuddles. Adorable.