A happy English Pointer in a happy Pointer world. Zeph loves to sit on the mounting block in the arena. He’s also developed the habit of putting his left paw up when he wants attention or to be cuddled.

This coming week, he’ll be competing in The Pointer Club Championship show, which will have an Aussie judge. He’ll go to the breeder’s kennels a few days ahead to be groomed and have more training on the show lead.

From the time Zeph and Zsa Zsa were tiny puppies, I’ve taken them once a week to puppy day care at the breeder’s kennels. Both of them are part of their family too and it’s also great for socialisation. Should we go away for weeks on holidays, we know they are well-looked after.

The dog shows are always good fun. You sit around with friends waiting for your dog to enter the ring; check out other dogs; and watch your dog happily meet and greet other dogs. The part I find most amusing is the dog owners who take it oh so seriously and if their dog doesn’t get a ribbon, watch out.

Zeph’s breeder feels he has reached a maturity level now where he could take out prizes. I don’t care – as long as he is enjoying it, that’s all that matters. I like that he gets to spend the day with other Pointers and some are even related to him. So it’s family catch-up time. And Zeph really seems to enjoy the whole show thing. He enters the ring with his tail up and an attitude like: Look at me, I’m one very handsome Pointer. I’m sure you agree!