Saffy has taken a liking to having a quick snooze in the arena. The horses are let into the arena when I want to work them as a herd or just for something different to do. The river run sand on the arena is great for keeping the hooves under control. After some wild running around and a bit of schooling, Saffy then likes to doze in the sun.

When a horse is lying down, it is in its most vulnerable position. You can imagine that a horse forced down in the wild by wolves, for example, is fighting for its life. So consider the trust Saffy has in me and Karma, her mum, too.

I was sitting and lying down with Saffy whilst she snoozed. I even had my head on her stomach at one point of the snooze-fest. Saffy was quietly snoring and chewing. Wonder what horse dreams consist of? Karma had her back to both of us and was standing up, also snoozing. She was totally relaxed about the human spending quality time with her foal.

It’s amazing to share time and space with horses and I feel very privileged that Saffy accepts me so readily. Yes, I’ve put a LOT of time and effort into our relationship but, when you have these magic moments with a horse, it all becomes so worth it.

Saffy zonked out in the arena and enjoying the sunshine.

Possibly not her best angle 🙂