Macaulay Culkin’s cute, trademark look of hands on face and mouth wide open (a’la the famous painting, “The Scream”, by Edvard Munch) is being given a run for its money. By my God-niece, Emily.

I introduced you to Em just after she was born in November last year. I can’t believe that she’s about to turn 1 year old on November 23rd. I dropped into Sydney on my way to Rome in April this year and spent a couple of days visiting her. My great mate (her mum) sent me this adorable photo of Emily the other day. You can’t get any cuter and I’m hoping to see Em again in early 2013, although we do catch up via Skype. Largely this consists of Em staring at the laptop screen or smiling whilst I make ridiculous faces.

In a world where things are sometimes more dark than light, it’s great to see such innocence and joy.