The Pointinator has a new dog toy – a gift from her breeder following last week’s dog show. Zsa Zsa HATED the show. She can’t be bothered parading around or being stacked. She much prefers to luxuriate at home with her humans.

Courtesy of faithful reader, Irene, I was inspired to nickname Zsa Zsa the Pointinator due to her love of ripping to shreds her dog toys. She has been through dozens of fluffy toys, which she thrashes and bashes. Zeph occasionally gets to play tug of war with her but usually the fluffy toy has already met its fate before Zeph gets the opportunity.

I decided to give the whole fluffy toy business a rest for awhile. Selfish motive on my part really. I was getting a bit tired of picking up the fluffy bits and pieces strewn all over the house or garden. And Zsa Zsa has been obsessed recently with the sheep skin that lines her sleeping crate. Every night, before she settles into the crate, she chews on the sheep skin. Too cute.

But our breeder has now upset the equilibrium by introducing a new fluffy dog toy. So far, it has been thrashed around violently; carried in her mouth all over the house; had its eyes and nose ripped off; and been dragged through the mud outside. I doubt the poor thing will last the week.

A picture of innocence. Zsa Zsa is shocked that I call her The Point-in-ator.

Zsa Zsa begins the thrashing and bashing.

Zeph decides to grab the opportunity to play before the fluffy toy meets its fate.