Where there’s a soft or fluffy blanket, you’ll find little diva dog, Zsa Zsa. Both Zeph and Zsa Zsa have the run of the house except for one room – our bedroom. This is off limits; a no-go dog zone.

We shut the door to our bedroom but sometimes one of us forgets. And this happened the other day. I couldn’t find Zsa Zsa. Zeph was running around like a mad thing outside but Zsa Zsa was nowhere to be seen. I called her. Nothing.

Sometimes she goes off to her crate for a snooze. We leave the crate doors open during the day so, if one or both dogs want a quick nap, they just go inside their crate. We call their crates The Pointer Palace. So I went off to see but nope, she wasn’t inside. Then I saw our bedroom door open and heard soft canine snores. Sure enough, there was Zsa Zsa fast asleep on our bed.

Fortunately, we place a special blanket over our bed in case of an emergency. The emergency being a Pointer or two getting into the bedroom and deciding our bed is far more comfy than The Pointer Palace!