Growing up in Australia, the pavlova was the Aussie national dessert. I never thought of New Zealanders laying claim to the pav. I thought they’d have their own national dessert tradition. But from the moment I moved to NZ in 2010, I kept hearing about the Pav Wars and how New Zealand felt that pavlova recipes appeared in NZ cookbooks before 1940, which was the year recipes first appeared in Aussie cookbooks.

A Kiwi mate told me she’d show me how to make a REAL pav – as though Aussies were making it incorrectly. She proceeded to make it without cornflour and I think this doesn’t produce a pav with a soft, marshmallow centre.

So despite the Kiwis winning the pav war, I stick to an Aussie recipe. Our chooks are going wild at the moment with egg laying. So I whipped up a pav last weekend. I only had a banana and red grapes on hand so decorated the pav with these, plus a light dusting of cocoa powder. Aussie pavs usually boast strawberries and Kiwi fruit (how ironic!).