I’ve always wanted to make my own jewellery. I can whip up a pair of earrings or a bracelet using beads or Swarovski crystals. But I’ve never learnt how to make silver jewellery – until now.

For the past 10 weeks, El Hubs and I have been attending a silversmithing course in Christchurch. It involved learning how to cut and drill holes into silver, as well as soldering. I enjoyed the latter task very much. There’s something quite satisfying about wielding a hot blow torch. The cutting business – well, that’s a bit difficult. We were using a jeweller’s saw and I found it very hard to cut in a straight line because of all the bits of silver and dust that get in your way. Thankfully, you can get a machine that cuts in a straight line for you but the point of the course was to learn how to make things by hand.

And so we had to produce a ring. We could follow a suggested pattern or we could design our own. El Hubs, being an architect, took to silversmithing like the proverbial duck to water. He’s been designing jewellery non-stop since starting the course and he designed the rings we made. Both rings have a similar look and feel and are called Traces of Dance because he is inspired by movement.

So I can’t lay claim to my ring design you see in the photo below. El Hubs has moved onto bangles and other rings now. And he’s using copper and brass, as well as silver. I’m still at the stage of learning how to cut in a straight line. 🙂

But both of us are going on to the Level 2 course in early 2013. By then, I hope to be festooned with the creations of my talented hubby!


We each had our own jewellery bench.


My finished ring – design is courtesy of El Hubs and is called Traces of Dance.