I told you recently that The Pointinator has a new toy, which she’s been thrashing and bashing. The miracle is the toy is still in one piece nearly three weeks later – well, sort of. Most of its inner stuffing has been strewn about the house and garden, courtesy of a hole Zsa Zsa made somewhere in the neck area.

Curiously, this dog toy hasn’t been discarded unceremoniously after its guts have been ripped out. Zsa Zsa has taken a liking to it and drags it off to her crate at night. She can be found during the day running around the property with it in her mouth. Zeph even gets to play tug of war with it (occasionally).

The cutest thing is that she insists on sleeping with it during the day. Both Zeph and little ZZ have snoozes – mainly after breakfast and in the early afternoon. Zsa Zsa, of course, can be found anywhere there is a soft blanket. And along with the soft blanket is her teddy bear. Her only surviving dog toy out of so many and, for some reason, something she’s obsessed with (apart from food and bones of course).