About three times a year, I order stuff from Strawberrynet, which is an online shop with FREE worldwide shipping for discount cosmetics and perfumes. I’m pretty sure it’s located in Hong Kong and the products are genuine.

The site is very easy to search, check-out is simple and you can track your order as it wings its way from Hong Kong to (in my case) New Zealand Customs then to NZ Post. It took less than one week from check-out to delivery. The longest part of the whole process is waiting for Customs to snoop through the package, hand it over to NZ Post and then getting it to my doorstep. It took Strawberrynet less than 6 hours to accept my order, confirm payment, obtain and wrap the items and dispatch from their warehouse. I ordered on December 11 and, by December 13, my order had arrived in NZ and was in the hands of Customs.

Strawberrynet always ties a purple ribbon around the white cardboard box your order comes in. And they very carefully wrap each item or place several items together and protect with bubble wrap.

Okay so what did I order? I was after two items – MAC’s Well Dressed blush and Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener. I’ve read very positive reviews for both products on beauty blogs so thought I’d see what prices they might be on Strawberrynet. On Fishpond, for example, MAC Well Dressed is NZ$33.99 and in the department stores I think it’s around $40.00. On Strawberrynet, it was $30.50. Bare Minerals Well Rested is $39.00 on PriceMe and $31.50 on Strawberrynet. So no brainer really.

Because it was heading towards Christmas, Strawberrynet had a ton of special discounted offers. One section of the site was up to 70% off so I browsed and found some great buys. So here’s what I got:

  • MAC Well Dressed blush. I hesitate to describe this satin finish blush as lollipop pink because that doesn’t do it justice. It’s really a soft, blue-toned pink and I suspect the colour will need building up. I’ve never been into pretty pink blushes so this is a first for me. I’ll do a full review soon.
  • Bare Minerals Well Rested SPF 20 Eye Brightener. I saw this at Sephora in Italy and then forgot to purchase because I was sidetracked by the Naked2 palette. Duh!  Well Rested is a chalky looking fine powder with no shimmer and is designed to give you that well-rested look when you dust lightly on the under-eye area. It’s a mineral-based powder concealer and eyeshadow base as well – so one of those multi-tasking products I love. I think the key to using this product will be a very light hand when applying. Full review soon.
  • Too Faced Galaxy Glam Amber Asteroid. I remember seeing the Galaxy Glam eyeshadow collection in a Sephora somewhere ages ago and loving the futuristic, space-age look of the silver-domed containers. Here’s how the eyeshadows are described:Like metallic meteors from outer space throwing sparks of iridescent light across the night sky, Galaxy Glam leaps into hyper-drive to deliver the most glamorous eye shadow look this side of the Milky Way.” Gotta love an eyeshadow described so vividly! Other eyeshadows from the Galaxy Glam collection are Mocha Meteor, Magenta Moon and Supernova. I think they formed part of the Chocolate Collection but are no longer available. Amber Asteroid is a rich cocoa brown with swirls of golden green shimmer. It looks very pigmented and I’m hoping I love it. The price was $12.50 – a discount of 48% with the RRP being $24.00. Can’t wait to see how it performs. Beam me up Scotty!
  • Philosophy Windows to the Soul eye palette in Box of Truffles. The RRP for this travel-friendly mineral eyeshadow palette is $37.50 but it was on special at $18.50 or 50% off. I’ve never used anything from Philosophy before and, being someone who favours neutral colours, I thought why not try it. The colours are Latte, Mocha, Cocoa and Chocolate and the palette comes with idiot-proof application instructions. Three are mattes with Cocoa being a soft shimmer. On opening the palette, a quick glance tells me these shadows are silky and very finely milled. Review soon.
  • Korres Natural Coral Antioxidant Eye Collection. When I lived in Oz, I was a great fan of the Greek natural product brand, Korres, which you could buy at Mecca Cosmetica. I love their Vanilla Cinnamon shower gel and Monoi Oil Bronzing powder. You can get Korres at Mecca Cosmetica at Ballantynes in Christchurch but it’s hideously expensive. So when I saw this collection at the bargain price of $12.50, I snapped it up. The RRP is $36.00, so this was a 65% off special. The kit contains two Sunflower and Evening Primrose eyeshadows in #14 Ivory and #66 Pink; an eyeliner pencil in #2 brown; and a Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara in #01 Black (travel-size). I can’t even buy a mascara in NZ for $12.50 so this was a great buy.
  • At the same bargain price of $12.50, there was another Korres Antioxidant eye collection kit in Smoky Bronze. I can never resist a good bronze eyeshadow (the best being MAC Bronze IMHO), so I snapped this one up too. Unfortunately, the bronze shade arrived shattered but I can still use it. This kit contains two Sunflower and Evening Primrose eyeshadows in #36 Brun and #31 Bronze Brown. Brun looks like it has a red tone with a touch of soft shimmer, whilst Bronze Brown is a gorgeous golden bronze soft shimmer. I think it will be a very versatile shade. Also in the kit was another travel-size mascara in #01 Black and an eyeliner pencil in #1 black. I like the way Korres have put together two no-fuss, practical kits. Review soon.

The best part of shopping with Strawberrynet is the discounts you can get. Apart from the up to 70% off section I selected most of the above products from, I also received a 2% Loyalty Discount ($2.36) plus 5% off for 6 or more items ($5.90) PLUS 10% off Christmas Gift Sets ($4.35). So the total cost of NZ$118.00 came down to $105.39. And did I mention FREE international shipping?


Items are very well wrapped.


Strawberrynet haul!


Several items wrapped together in bubble wrap.


Too Faced Galaxy Glam Amber Asteroid.


Bare Minerals Well Rested SPF20 Eye Brightener.


Can’t wait to try out MAC Well Dressed satin finish blush!


Lovely earthy neutrals in this Philosophy eyeshadow palette.


Bummer – Korres #31 bronze brown eyeshadow arrived shattered.


Korres #36 Brun eyeshadow.


Idiot-proof application instructions come with the Philosophy Box of Truffles palette.


The Philosophy shadows – great earthy neutrals!


Korres Smoky Bronze Antioxidant Eyeshadow Collection kit.


Korres Natural Coral Antioxidant Eyeshadow Collection kit.


Korres eyeshadows in #14 Ivory and #66 Pink, along with brown eyeliner and travel-sized mascara.


Love the attention to detail with the Amber Asteroid baked eyeshadow packaging.


Screen shot 2012-12-13 at 11.07.59 PM

Strawberrynet has a great online tracking system, so you can easily check the status of your order.