The is the face of a horse who knows she’s in trouble. Karma and her foal, Saffy, decided it would be a smart idea to bust into a paddock under cover of darkness and feast on grass. Because Karma, Saffy and her dad, Muff, are Welshies they are more prone to laminitis as opposed to a bigger horse like Miss Rosie. So I have to restrict their access to grass, especially during Spring, because new spring grass is typically high in nutrients called fructans. Too much gorging on lush grass after the Winter months can cause laminitis.

The horses are fed hay and they get access to grass when I strip graze a paddock. But for some reason, Karma and Saffy hatched the plan to bust into a paddock full of tasty grass. Once discovered, I immediately put them both on detention – well, chucked all the horses in the arena whilst El Hubs and I sorted out the fencing issue.

So they spent a few hours in the arena. Karma and Saffy were feeling very sorry for themselves let me tell you!