Thankfully my Kiwi mate’s mare has given birth to a super-cute foal. I say thankfully because the mare was about to explode if you ask me. This is her second foal and it’s a colt named Manu (short for Manuka Lad). The father is a rather stunning full Clydesdale and the mother is part American Quarter Horse and part Thoroughbred.

Manu was born December 19 around 11.00pm. I happened to be online at the time and my mate was frantically messaging me with a blow by blow description of the birth. It was over in about 30 minutes.

I visited Manu on Christmas Day. He has looooooooooooooong legs and is already very used to humans touching him. Mum is very relaxed about it all. Foals are amazing to watch as they test their legs by zooming around a paddock. I remember Saffy doing this when she was about 2 weeks old. She was zooming around the paddock and went clunk into a fence. Thankfully, she didn’t hurt herself and has grown into a very sweet-natured young lady (if not a little on the dominant side!).


Hello world! I’m Manu – too cute don’t you think?


These humans make great chin rests if you ask me!