Zeph went for his annual check-up at the vet’s just before Christmas. Last year, he basically destroyed the vet’s reception area in his boisterous puppy enthusiasm.

So this year, I was praying to all the Canine Gods that he would behave himself and not take out the vet’s entire office. He was pretty good up to the point of needing to pay for the visit. Whilst I was fumbling around with my wallet, Zeph decided the Christmas tree looked enticing enough to leap at it and knock it down. It didn’t help that the tree had dog biscuit decorations!

As if this wasn’t bad enough, on the way out the main door (and I couldn’t exist fast enough believe me), Zeph decided to wee on the doorframe in one of those male dog territorial moments. The vet then rushed out. I thought we were going to be given a right royal ticking off but no, he gave Zeph a rawhide bone.

I’m trying not to think that this is rewarding bad behaviour. But Zeph so liked this bone, he guarded it all day long before scoffing it that night.