Saffy and her father, Muff, spend a lot of time together. She also sticks close to her mum, Karma, but loves to play and spend time with Muff.

Zeph and Zsa Zsa hang out with the horses and they’re all very comfortable around each other. The only time there might be a bit of a circus is around feeding time. When I toss hay out for the horses, Zeph sometimes likes to inspect the hay. Karma isn’t too happy about this and pins her ears back before feigning a charge at Zeph. I say feigning because she doesn’t rush at him; rather she strolls up to him because she knows he really isn’t going to eat her dinner. Zeph stands his ground until the very last minute and then dashes off.

The other day, I was spending time with Saffy and Muff when they spotted Zsa Zsa. They both decided to leave me and walk slowly behind her, obviously curious about where she was going and what exciting things she might be up to. Little ZZ is more cautious of big scary animals than Zeph and, when she realised they were following her, she bolted.


Saffy and Muff look so much alike – that’s Saffy on the left. She’s now bigger than her father.


This was just before little Zsa Zsa realised she was being followed!