What a busy day last Friday in horseland. I met a young French girl recently; she’s 21 years old and gives me great faith in the young generation. God that makes me sound old saying this! But she is very respectful, doesn’t want to get trashed drinking alcohol, doesn’t smoke, wants to work hard and is very polite. This is in total contrast to some 20-somethings I’ve had dealings with over the last two years. I met her at something I was volunteering for and she asked if she could come and work with my horses. Hell yes I said! Even though my horses are calm, respectful and well-used to routine, I can always use a hand or two with grooming, schooling, exercising or riding.

One of my horses, Danny, has taken a great liking to her so I’ve basically given him to her whilst she’s in New Zealand. She comes out to groom him and learn about natural horsemanship. She’s worked a bit with Muff but, since she and Danny REALLY get on together, she is spending most of her time with him and will start to ride him soon. She’s a great little rider.

Danny was having his hooves trimmed and she was helping out. And then we all spent time together in the arena with Zeph and Zsa Zsa. Danny was hanging around us, whilst Karma was busy….well, eating…which is what she does best! The other horses were in the race.


Danny and Cathy.


Danny joins us in the arena with Zsa Zsa. Zeph is looking on.