I think I might have to send Zsa Zsa to finishing school to learn ladylike manners. Here she is sprawled all over the couch in a very unladylike position. IMG_7095It’s been quite hot here in New Zealand (yes, really!) so the dogs like to snooze through the day. Not as hot as poor Sydney though, which has had temperatures of 46ºC (114º F) recently. SO glad I don’t have to suffer through this sort of heat anymore. Our house in Oz backed onto a National Park chock full of eucalyptus trees. Every Summer, when the temperatures soared, I fretted over the very real prospect of a bushfire. About 10 years before we bought the house, a bushfire had marched its way up towards our house and that of our neighbour. It took out many trees but fortunately both houses were spared. The seared and blackened tree trunks that could still be seen 10 years later always reminded me of the devastation that Summer can often bring in Australia.

Sleeping through the day means that Zeph and Zsa Zsa have become nocturnal dogs. Around 7.00pm they come alive and want to play, chase rabbits and sniff around the property. It’s light here until around 9.45pm so they stay out until they get tired.

When I was young, I used to call a dog’s front paws Thumpers and the back ones, Flappers. No idea why but, as you can see, Zsa Zsa has huge Flappers!