Now, I need to start off by saying I do not usually wander around supermarkets checking out the legs of female shoppers. Having said this, I simply COULD NOT take my eyes off the left leg of a woman browsing the yoghurt section, which was exactly where I was headed.

Does anyone remember Béla Lugosi? Béla who you might be asking? As a kid, I well remember watching old B&W horror movies. Vincent Price was always a favourite. But it was Béla Lugosi who freaked me out. He made an awesome Count Dracula with his Hungarian accent. My parents bought me a small TV and, as a teenager, I used to watch horror movies in bed with the sheet over my head and the TV underneath the sheet. With the room in darkness and my parents most likely fast asleep, here I was freaking myself out.

All of this was vividly brought back to mind when I spotted this woman’s leg tattoo. I have to say (at the risk of offending any reader) that I dislike tattoos. I can appreciate the artistry and some tattoos of birds or butterflies are cute. And I must say the Béla Lugosi tatt is extremely good.

But I personally think tattoos look dirty on the skin and when you’re in your dotage with sagging skin, your pretty bird or butterfly might be looking a bit sorry for itself. Same with Béla – when this woman is elderly, old skin will surely distort poor old Béla’s face.

When I was growing up, tattoos were non-existent. Well, if someone had a tattoo, they were probably circus performers or criminals. I don’t know when tattoos suddenly snuck up on us in popularity. New Zealand men and women seem to be very fond of tattoos. It’s not unusual to see a woman with a whole arm covered in tatts. Sorry, but I don’t think it looks classy or elegant. Guess I’m getting really old. IMG_7245