Saffy is one awesome foal, well yearling now. An awesome horse. She has such horsenality. I have been training her using a foal halter and lead rope. She is getting the idea of flexion and the seven Parelli games. Saffy is a left-brained horse – meaning she is dominant, pretty confident, reasonably calm and quite brave. Unlike her father, Muff, who is scared of his own shadow.

Because she is quite dominant, I’m schooling her to understand and respect the human/horse partnership. So far so good. The funny thing is that when Saffy sees my iPhone, she seems to want her photo taken. She leans towards it, sniffs it, licks it and often stares into the screen.

I was out and about with the horses the other day, wearing my silly hat because of the strong sun and suddenly Saffy was behind me. I pulled out the iPhone and next I know, I have a horse’s head on my shoulder, as she stretched towards the iPhone. So here is me with my ridiculous hat and my girl, Saffy.