I was telling you recently about the shocking winds that hit us on the night of January 9. The beautiful weeping willow suffered a lot of damage as did a golden elm and our chestnut tree. The tree surgeon thought he could save the chestnut tree but the trunk was split right down the middle and this meant the tree would just rot. So sadly, it had to be cut down. I was very upset about this actually. It was a such a majestic tree. But we have saved some cuttings and the tree surgeon has told how we can replant it.

The weeping willow had to undergo serious tree surgery and had two enormous branches cut off. It looks a bit lopsided now but the guy reckons it will recover. A large golden elm also had to be chopped down.

We are now going to remove a number of towering eucalyptus trees from behind the stables. The previous owners went nuts with planting these water suckers and they’ve grown very large. I think they were growing them for firewood. But we’ve made the decision to get rid of them. We’ve been here nearly three years and do not feel these trees really protect us from the North-West winds. The macrocarpa around the secret garden, however, does.

So we have to get someone very experienced in chopping down large eucalyptus trees and he’ll be coming along soon with his cherry picker. Hasta la vista gum trees. The positive side of all this is that we will now have enough firewood to last us for years.

This was the beautiful chestnut tree.


And this is the chestnut tree now.


A large golden elm also had to be cut down.


The weeping willow was saved but had to undergone a fairly drastic prune.