Zsa Zsa was in a bit of a panic the other day, running all over the property looking for something. We weren’t sure what was up until I realized that Grampa had not been seen since the horrid North West winds hit on January 9.

The search began and we finally found Grampa flung up against a pot in the front area of the house. Normally, Grampa appears in odd spots around the property – in the race with the horses; sitting forlornly in one of the three large back paddocks; in the stream that runs through the property. Testament to Zsa Zsa’s whereabouts.

I’ve rarely seen Grampa in the front garden area so this was the last place we thought to look. Thankfully, Zsa Zsa has now been reunited with Grampa and The Pointinator is busy trying to destroy him. Actually, he’s lasted a lot longer than Henrietta.