This is just THE most amazing thing – Ann Wilson of Heart (remember Barracuda? I grew up listening to Heart – she has such a sultry, stunning voice even now in her 60s). The Heart sisters were performing Stairway to Heaven at a star-studded musical tribute to Led Zeppelin during the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2012. Ann Wilson can sure belt out a Led Zeppelin song live. She killed it.

Sitting in the balcony looking on were John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and a teary-eyed Robert Plant. I wonder what was going through his mind. President Obama and the First Lady were clearly enjoying the performance and you get glimpses of an enraptured audience in the video below as the song’s famous lead guitar solo was played. Wonder who the guitarist is.

I realised whilst watching the video that the drummer is Jason Bonham, the son of the late John Bonham who was Led Zeppelin’s drummer and died at age 32. I think he had a few tears in his eyes too. I LOVE the string section and gospel choir. Actually, there seems to be two different choirs.

Best of both worlds if you ask me: Led Zeppelin and Heart. Brings tears to my eyes!