I’m impressed with myself. Woot! I’m not a Masterchef by any means but I can whip up a pretty decent dessert. I’m far more interested in desserts than main meals, so I guess that’s why. I used to cook with my Dad when I was a teenager. Dad could whip up a very decent roast pork with crackling; roast lamb; Wiener Schnitzel with hot potato salad. And I would make the cake or dessert. I was famous in the family for my pineapple upside-down cake and this scrumptious orange almond cake.

Since giving up meat, I’ve been enjoying the whole vegetarian cooking business. My main meals are edible (always a good thing!) and even quite tasty. The other night, I whipped up Spanakopita. I found it a bit difficult grappling with the filo pastry but mastered it in the end. With a light salad, the meal was yummo.

I’ve not been missing meat. I was never a great red meat eater anyway. Occasionally, I think a butter chicken would go down well but really I haven’t dwelt on that for long. I’m appreciating the taste of veges and the other day I spotted a huge marrow in the supermarket. I haven’t had marrow since I was kid and hated it then. But I’m thinking I might see what I can do to tart it up and make it tasty.

Meanwhile, El Hubs has built a herb garden that is just outside the kitchen. So I’ll soon be adding lots of healthy herbs to my vegetarian delights.


The iconic Greek dish, Spanakopita.