Zeph wants to show you his HUGE front Thumpers. As you know, Zsa Zsa has huge Flappers. But Zeph has big Thumpers and is very proud of them. He likes nothing better than sitting on a comfy bed or couch whilst dangling his front Thumpers. What on earth are Flappers and Thumpers you might ask.

When I was a kid, I used to call the front paws of dogs Thumpers and the back paws Flappers. No idea why. My only excuse is that I was young. I also used to call a dishcloth a Busy. No idea on this either. But until I was in my 20s, I always thought a dishcloth was called a Busy until some woman in the kitchen area of a Sydney department store enlightened me. I went home to ask my mother about it and she said oh yes, you always called it a Busy, we have no idea why. But the whole family called a dishcloth a Busy. I still catch myself saying it.

And so it is with Thumpers and Flappers. No idea.