I was telling you yesterday about my Uncle Peter. About 6 years ago, whilst I was still living in Oz, he sent me a photo of his parents, my grandparents who both died before I was born. I know very little about them other than my grandfather’s name was James Jenkins (born in London) and my grandmother’s was Alice Ruth Evans (born in Ditchling, Sussex).

I now know that my grandmother was horse-mad, so clearly that’s a genetic trait since I have five horses. And apparently her family disowned her when she announced she was marrying my grandfather. Her family ran a farm in Sussex but I don’t know what my grandfather’s family did. I know they married in Brisbane, Australia presumably on the migrant ship taking them to New Zealand. They ended up in Wellington where my Dad and his brothers and sister, Beth, were born.

I vaguely recall Dad saying that before he went off to WWII, he worked for my grandfather (as did Uncle Peter). Dad went on to be a sales agent and a very good one. I often went out on the road with Dad during school holidays. He could sell the proverbial ice to eskimos – not a talent I possess.

Uncle Peter told me during my visit last week that my grandfather ran an advertising agency in Wellington. He trotted out an old letterhead that my grandfather designed. Just love the lettering – reminds me of Mad Men – although I assume he ran the agency in the 1930s since he died in 1943. He also trotted out an old photo of my grandfather in his younger years. The only photo I have of him I’d say was taken around 1940 and it’s very grainy and small, so it’s great to see a better photo. Apparently, he always wore a bowler hat. Very dapper!


My paternal grandfather, James Jenkins.

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