Well this is coincidental. Today – February 5 – is the 25th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. A quarter of a century – can’t quite believe it. In some ways, it just seems like yesterday; in other ways, it was another lifetime. For today’s post, I was going to show you Dad’s childhood home. So how fitting that it is February 5.

I’m still on my family nostalgia kick following my visit to see Dad’s brother, Uncle Peter, last week in Levin. I finally found out the street and house number of the home he and Dad grew up in. I knew it was in Island Bay, Wellington and, when I was really young, Dad and I visited. But I was too young to recall the street and house number. Now I know – 10 Bristol Street.

So on our return from Levin to Welly, I made El Hubs take me to 10 Bristol Street to see the house where Dad grew up. Such a typical 1920s, early 1930’s style house. I didn’t have the guts to knock on the door and ask for a tour – maybe next time!