I’m sticking pretty well to my New Year’s Resolutions and it’s already February. Woot! I haven’t bought a single piece of makeup or skincare item and I’m still eating a vegetarian regime (and really liking it).

One of my resolutions – apart from buying NZ-made – was to try and buy Greek or Italian-made stuff. Greece and Italy aren’t doing too well economically so why not try to help out. Better than buying Made in China crap if you ask me.

Whilst in Wellington last week, I accidentally sat on my Cancer Council “Kelso” sunglasses. They weren’t anything flash and some of the gold detailing had dropped off, so I was a bit disappointed in them and certainly wouldn’t repurchase. You can see them in this post. RIP sunglasses!

I thought I’d wait until returning to Christchurch to suss out a bargain-buy but whilst cruising the funky shops along Cuba Mall, I found an amazing pair of Italian 1980’s sunglasses. Never worn (so they tell me). I fell in immediate love. Gorgeous tortoise-shell look with dark lenses and a kind of 1950’s style. In fact, there were 1950’s sunglasses in the shop but I can’t carry off the narrow cat eye look. Shame because I really like the 50’s retro style.

I popped on the Italian sunglasses and immediate impression was how sturdy the frame and arms were. I then went outside to check out how they performed in bright sunlight (Wellington was having a burst of hot, sunny weather) and decided they were mine. Unfortunately, no case came with them so I’m now on the hunt for a funky case to keep them in. Until then, they’re being kept in the old Cancer Council pouch.


On the way to Te Papa Museum and wearing the 80’s sunglasses.


Loving the colour and tortoise-shell look.


Very solid frame and arms.


Wonder if they meant Nouvelle Vogue? Made in Italy.


Simple but elegant detailing.