Wellington is a very quirky city, particularly when it comes to fashion. Along Cuba Mall are many amazing boutiques and a trend seems to be vintage. But contemporary vintage if that makes sense. 1950s and 1960’s style retro fashion made from vintage material. Most of the dresses I looked at well, you’d need to be a stick insect to fit into them. It was great fun just to browse though.

A number of shops along Cuba Street offer recycled (or upcycled as they say here) clothes, shoes, handbags, hats and so on. In one of these shops I found my new/old Italian sunglasses and I would love to have bought a funky orange and black 60’s style top made from vintage material. But since I don’t really have the need for it living on a farm – sigh – I had to say no.

I took photos to show you the quirky and colourful window displays. I spent just as much time pressing my nose up against window glass as I did fossicking in the shops.

IMG_7695 IMG_7697 IMG_7700 IMG_7704 IMG_7708 IMG_7710