For today’s post, a hilarious photo of Zsa Zsa – staring out the window with a rawhide bone in her mouth. Zsa Zsa will turn 2 years old on February 14, so she’s no puppy anymore. But I can’t tell her that as she wouldn’t believe me. She still plays with dog toys and LOVES her rawhide bones.

She growls at Zeph, who gets one the same time she is given hers. Zeph patiently watches her eat it whilst she growls every now and then. When she’s finished chomping away, the peacock dance begins. Zeph takes the bone in his mouth and tosses it up in the air, making sure little ZZ is watching. He dances around it when it lands, wags his tail, leaps back into the air with it.

After about 5 minutes of this business, Zeph settles down and eats his bone. The other night though Zsa Zsa didn’t eat her bone – she hid it underneath the couch, hoping Zeph wouldn’t see. He did of course and, the next morning, they both rushed to the couch to retrieve the bone. ZZ got there first and proceeded to guard the bone all day long.

And here she is doing the usual English Pointer thing – staring out the window looking at…..nothing.