I held a horse play day last week. Four horse fanatics plus a few other people came along and we played ground games with our horses. Two of the horses were Andalusians and Miss Rosie was super keen to meet and greet. But I kept her focused on our ground games because it’s important she sees me as the herd leader and not wander off at her leisure to meet unknown horses.

I had jump stands and poles laid in the arena plus some traffic cones and a tarpaulin – all so we could play the seven Parelli games. We started at 9.30am and went through to 5.00pm and interspersed the horse play with lunch and lots of chatter and learning. Miss Rosie did very well to remain focused whilst two strange horses and their owners were in the arena. A fun day!


Miss Rosie was out in the arena early. Zeph was also patiently waiting for the games to begin.


Jump stands were set up for the horses to play Touch It or weave between the poles.


El Hubs taking an Andalusian for a stroll.


El Hubs chatting to one of the participants.


Horses at play.


One of the participants having fun with her horse.


Miss Rosie with one of the participants.


Miss Rosie gets to meet one of the horses.


One of the participants going through a dressage routine with her Andalusian.