I’m really on a roll now, cooking up quite a vegetarian storm. We had guests over the other night. El Hubs whipped up some pizzas. He did do one with some meat but the rest were vegetarian. I made a great dessert (if I do say so myself) – poached apples with clove, mint and basil served with whipped cream, walnuts and blueberries. The basil came from my new herb garden.

Then last week, I made vegetarian frittata with goat feta. This was really yummo. I also whipped up some zucchini fritters with peach and mango chutney and Indian brown rice pilaf.

At the moment, I still have dairy products and also coffee. But I’m contemplating giving these up and going totally vegan. I would be pretty sad to give up my beloved cappuccinos and yoghurt, so I might start by going non-dairy and no coffee for one day a week.

I’m into week seven now and not missing meat at all. The two cookbooks I bought especially to launch me into vegetarianism offer up fabulously easy and tasty recipes. I also found a vegetarian cookbook from the 1990s that I dragged across from Australia with me. I must have been dabbling with the idea of going vegan back then, not that I can remember!


Zucchini fritters with peach and mango chutney.


This was fabulous – poached apples with clove, basil and mint.


Vegetarian frittata with goat feta.


Indian brown rice pilaf.