El Hubs’ family lives in South Africa. He’s not South African; he’s Portuguese but was raised in Johannesburg and his mum and sister still live there. When I first visited South Africa in 2003, I discovered Justine products because my sister-in-law sells them and I fell in love with their Tissue Oil.

Every time we visit J’Burg, I order four or five Tissue Oils and my sister-in-law also ships some over to me if I run out. Justine Original Tissue Oil (first launched in 1973) contains wheatgerm, sweet almond, vitamins and other delicate oils. It’s great for stretch marks and reducing redness. I slap it on the legs, arms, anywhere I need some hydration. I believe there is now a facial tissue oil, which I must lay my hands on when we next visit La Familia.

I’m sticking with my resolution to use only New Zealand skincare but I must say Justine skincare is very good. For most of 2011, I used a number of Justine products from the Epigran range (particularly the Epigran Revitalising solution) and I love the Balancing Gentle Face Wash.