Grampa survived the horrid January 9 North West winds that took out our beautiful chestnut tree and a golden elm. But Grampa cannot survive The Pointinator. Zsa Zsa was in a bit of a panic after the winds because Grampa was missing. After frantic searching, we found he’d been swept up by the winds and flung unceremoniously against a garden pot. Grampa and little ZZ were happily reunited.

But now…Grampa is – shall we say – beheaded. It’s taken The Pointinator quite some time to destroy this upmarket chicken dog toy. My great Aussie mate gave Zeph and Zsa Zsa a toy each when she visited us in 2011. Henrietta didn’t last long and The Pointinator then took over Grampa, even though this was Zeph’s favourite toy. She’s been quite close to Grampa actually. I’ve found him all over the property and even once or twice in her crate.

I think diva dog Zsa Zsa was annoyed that Grampa went missing during the January winds, so his fate was decided and The Pointator went in for the kill. I found him the other day – forlorn and abandoned. I’m considering buying two more upmarket chickens for her but will need to find out the website from my Aussie mate. We could all place bets on how long one of them will last!