Mmmmm….well. I have sort of busted a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe not though. I did say I was not going to buy any makeup in 2013. Unfortunately for me, Strawberrynet had Valentine’s Day specials of up to 70% off. How on earth could I miss out on this? I also said that I would support the Greek and Italian economies in 2013 as they’re basically in the toilet. And that’s just what I did – I bought Greek makeup and skincare from Korres.

I used Korres a lot when living in Australia so I know the products pretty well. Just before Christmas 2012, in my last Strawberrynet order, I bought two Korres eye kits for the bargain price of NZ$12.50 and in these kits were two eyeliner pencils (one in black and the other in brown). I’ve been using them ever since. They are SO creamy and blendable and far better than my previous favourite – Almay crayon contour eyeliner pencil in brown.

So when I spotted the Korres bargains, I couldn’t resist. Here’s what I bought for NZ$87.49 (included 3% loyalty discount; 5% off for 6+ items; and 10% off gift sets). Before all these discounts, the order cost $97.50.

  • Zea Mays Powder Blush #16 Pink – $23.50
  • Quercetin & Oak Anti-aging Face Primer – Silicone Free (Travel size 10ml) – $13.50
  • Naturally Defined Eyes Kit (5 x full size eyeliner pencils and 1 x Abyssinia Oil volumizing mascara) – $22.00. This was a great bargain because the kit is normally $72.00.
  • Ruscus & Chestnut men’s eye cream with SPF 6 15ml $15.00 (expiry date 05/2013) – $15.00
  • Wild Rose 24 Hour Moisturizing & Brightening Cream SPF 6 (expiry date 05/2013) – $11.00
  • Lip Butter Duo pack Pomegranate (unboxed) – $12.50

On a New Zealand website, the Korres Wild Rose moisturizer is $27.00; one Pomegranate lip butter is $20.00; and one eye pencil is $20.00. So I reckon I snapped up some good bargains. Obviously, the eye cream and moisturizer were marked down due to the expiry date but I’m sure I’ll use up the moisturizer by May and El Hubs scores the eye cream.

I’ve read a lot about the lip butters, especially the Pomegrate one, and also the Pink blush. I’ve used the Wild Rose moisturizer before. Even though it’s a little heavy for my combination skin, it’s very calming and hydrating. I’m keen to try the face primer – I’ve finally finished up the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, which I wasn’t enamoured with.

Yep, busted one of my New Year Resolutions but not quite as I bought Greek! I’m sure you’ll see the blush and eye pencils plus mascara in a FOTD soon.


Items are well-wrapped. I’ve only ever had one item arrive damaged (a Korres eyeshadow).


The five eye pencil colours. And read the ingredients – Korres is a natural products brand.


Can’t wait to try this pink blush!


Great value – five full-size eye pencils and a travel size mascara.


Gorgeous colour!

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