My boy Muff has a new girlfriend – a local 14 year old girl who has taken a real shine to him. Well, who wouldn’t I ask? Muff is a pretty pony (might have emasculated him with this comment – I mean a handsome pony). He’s a very good boy albeit a little scared of well, everything.

But I’ve been toughening him up. Taking him for walks to confront scary objects such as a stationary trailer, a piece of concrete lying on the ground, leaves softly waving under the dark shadows of trees (very scary for Muff). And now he’s taking these things in his stride. He gets spooked every now and then but, on the whole, he has more balls!

The young girl rides bareback. Now this looks okay on a pony that is 12.1 hands high at the most. Translate that to my Miss Rosie who is standing 16-something hands high. It’s much further to the ground if you ask me. So bareback riding isn’t for me. No thanks.

But she is having a great time riding Muff. They’re both taking it slowly at the moment because Muffy hasn’t been ridden in awhile. So he needs to remember what it’s like to have a rider on his back (as opposed to a scary mountain lion). Pretty soon she’ll be riding him around the district and I plan to take Miss Rosie out for a long walk with them. Her feet are a bit sore right now so riding isn’t the best idea. But she seems to love going out for walks and exploring. And when Muffy goes out with her, he’s a very brave boy. Guess he doesn’t want to be humiliated in front of a mere mare. 🙂