Zeph is a very good dog; very obedient. But recently, he’s decided to test the boundaries. We have a large table outside on the patio area and, when it’s sunny, that’s where you’ll find us. Having breakfast; lunch; dinner; morning or afternoon tea.

But Zeph seems to think it’s a great place for canine sunbathing. We were about to have our morning tea outside when we spotted Zeph sunning himself on the friggin’ table! Zsa Zsa had a very guilty look on her face let me tell you.

We calmly asked Zeph to get off the table and he just looked up at us. Like we were disturbing his morning meditation or something. He’s received a lecture about how dogs don’t get on the table but, the very next day, there he was again. Sunning himself. Mmmmmm……


Zeph sunbathes whilst Zsa Zsa looks guilty!