What’s your favourite conditioner for your hair? I have not one, but four, and here they are.

IMG_8125Two are from Desert Essence and the other two are from Lush. My favourite is Happy Happy Joy Joy by Lush. It’s described as a conditioning hair perfume and it’s vegan. The fragrance is amazing and lingers ALL day long. Orange flower absolute, rosewood and grapefruit oils in an almond milk base condition my hair without weighing it down. There are no silicones and it’s quite creamy. I find it works best if you really work it through the ends of the hair. The Lush ladies tell me it goes really well with the Fair Trade Honey Shampoo but I like it with Karma Komba.

I also love Lush American Cream conditioner. The soft scent of lavender, honey and orange, plus a strawberry vanilla fragrance, make this a wonderful double-strength conditioner. It was apparently inspired by the 1950’s American milk bars where teenagers enjoyed frothy milkshakes. I like how the Lush conditioners are in clear, plastic bottles so you can see how much is left. But you do need to squeeze quite hard to get the American Cream conditioner out of the bottle. Aside from this, it’s all good. The conditioner does a great job on my fine hair and doesn’t weigh it down.

Because I like to switch my shampoo and conditioners around, I also use Desert Essence conditioners. My absolute fav is the Coconut Conditioner as I’m on a bit of a coconut roll at the moment. Desert Essence is a US brand founded in 1978 and is inspired by the American desert region, as the name implies. I use their Jojoba Oil on the face, hands and hair too.

The tube worries me though (even though it is visually gaw-jus!). It feels flimsy and water seeps into the cap. And speaking of the cap, it can be a mother ****** to open sometimes. The conditioner itself is quite thick but I only need a little and the coconut smell is divine. No silicones, parabens or nasty SLS and it’s 100% vegan. Yeehah! Leaves hair restored and nourished.

The final conditioner I use is Desert Essence Shea Butter Repairing conditioner with wheat protein and vanilla cactus. African shea butter helps to moisturise processed hair. The consistency is thick and I sometimes use this for deep conditioning by leaving in my hair for 15 minutes. There is a hydrating version but I haven’t tried it. The conditioner isn’t highly fragrant, so on the days I don’t want to have a lingering scent in my hair, I use this conditioner.