Should you observe Easter, Zsa Zsa would like to wish you a very Happy Easter. Her advice is not to eat TOO many chocolate bunnies. Zeph was too busy snoozing this morning and didn’t want his photo taken.

Zsa Zsa poses (below) with a Lindt gold milk chocolate bunny (of course, she won’t be eating it – dogs must not eat chocolate due to the presence of theobromine, which can poison a dog). The choc bunny is my Easter treat and I plan to scoff it slowly.

I  must say that chocolate Easter eggs are pretty drab here. I don’t know about the North Island but I’ve been searching for some really interesting chocolate egg caskets and all I can find is the Lindt bunnies and boring looking Cadbury’s boxes containing a large egg surrounded by smaller ones. Very basic. Not that there’s anything wrong with Lindt chocolate – it’s pretty scrumptious – but I miss the variety of chocolate that Australia has and the great Easter eggs I could get there.

Speaking of which – every Easter in Oz I’d get a white chocolate bilby (note: not bunny). Always from Darrell Lea. How I miss Darrell Lea. This chocolate shop was a huge part of my life in Australia. I admit to being a chocoholic, although I have now curbed the craving and have chocolate maybe once a week.

An hilarious chocolate story concerns my mother. When she was living with us in Oz, I wasn’t aware that she would hide chocolate in the top drawer of the dresser in her bedroom. I knew my mother was VERY partial to chocolate but had no idea she would hide chocolate in her room, including under her pillow. I never asked why but wonder whether she indulged in midnight snacks!

Next week, I’ll be in Sydney for the day and I can’t wait. I plan to rush into Darrell Lea (George Street) and buy any bilby that’s left over from Easter; I’ll also pick up some of their fantastic liquorice; and possibly some Rocklea Road or nutty milk chocolate (hope they still have this).

Then I’ll do a quick rush down to the George Street entrance of Strand Arcade and get some milk chocolate peppermint frogs from Haigh’s. They also do bilbies so another bilby might be purchased.

After this, I’m planning to run around like a maniac for the day – first stop is Priceline (also in George Street) to check out the makeup ranges and see if they have Real Techniques brushes. Well, I know they do but will they have the core collection in stock? I also want the multi-task brush, which is in the travel set – I don’t think this can be bought separately in Oz.

Then….a refueling stop and a great cappuccino in any one of the great cafes in Sydney’s CBD. Next up, will be Mecca Cosmetica and Kit Cosmetics, both in Myer Sydney. The real challenge will be not to buy any makeup. I’m planning just to look and play. Mmmmmm….

But I’ll be back in Sydney mid-May when I’m due to keynote at a conference. You can see my cheesy photo on this website. I’m looking forward to this conference and catching up with some professional colleagues. That’s another thing I miss here in the South Island – not many professional conferences to attend or speak at. I do get asked to speak up in Auckland and Wellington from time to time though.

In May, I’ll be staying at the home of my great mate and God-niece, Emily. I’ll have four days and we are already planning our eating tour. Sydney has such amazing eating establishments. Sounds like I’m missing Australia doesn’t it. Yep, I am. I do like New Zealand very much but I can’t deny that Sydney will always be my home. That’s where all the good memories are.