Zeph spends a lot of time with the horses. At the moment, he’s very partial to Danny but he also loves to chill out with Saffy. I often find them touching noses through the arena fence or I spot Zeph in the race with the horses. The horses are pretty respectful of the dogs. The only issue can be around feeding time – the horses can be protective of their hay – and one day, Zsa Zsa was a little too close to the back end of Karma. She received a very small kick. Karma was warning her and, fortunately, Zsa Zsa learnt her lesson and stays well clear of the horses.

Zeph though is a little fearless and I recently found him inspecting Danny’s hay. Danny was making his way towards the hay but Zeph kept sniffing it and then……relieved himself on the hay! You should have seen the look on Danny’s face. I kid you not. He looked at Zeph; then at me. He slowly made his way to the slice of hay; sniffed it, then looked at me again with a disgusted expression on his face.

I had no choice but to get rid of that hay and give Danny a whole new slice. Clearly, Zeph is a bit confused – all the time he spends with horses is making him think he’s an equine rather than a canine!


Zeph sniffs Danny’s hay – moments before he relieved himself on the hay!


After being shocked at what Zeph did to his hay, I gave Danny fresh hay. He looks a little peeved by the whole incident!