Now that I’m vegetarian, I get a little uncomfortable with some things I see. Before turning vegetarian, I took it in my stride. Here’s the first example: the other day, I was driving into Christchurch and was stopped at a traffic light. I looked to my left and there was this huge lorry stuffed full of sheep. On their way to….well, could be a shipping port for live export.

All I could see was lots of sheep crammed into the back of this lorry. I felt very sad for them and had a moment of thinking I should launch myself at the lorry and free them!


I had to snap fast because I was at the traffic lights – but you can just see some sheep.

And then, the very same day, I was in a Pak’ N Save (NZ budget supermarket) when I spotted yellow and white Celebration of the Cow signs in the dairy and meat sections of the store. You have to pass these two sections to make your way through to the rest of the supermarket. Pity we just don’t celebrate the cow by respecting and allowing it to enjoy life; rather than ending up on our plates.