Cathy is a young French girl I met late last year whilst doing some volunteering (with horses and children). She drives out to see the horses whenever she can and Danny adores her. Danny was a pacer in his younger years but, at 16 years old, he’s started to develop some arthritis so he takes it easy. But when Cathy comes over, it’s a love fest between them.

Because of his racing industry past, Danny is not the most affectionate of horses and he flies under the radar with the herd. Karma likes to think she’s boss mare even though she’s a small Welsh pony. Miss Rosie occasionally thinks she’s boss mare too. Both of them boss Muff and Danny around. But Danny’s very clever – he keeps his distance and doesn’t get in Karma’s way. Muff, however, never learns and is always being chased by the girls, even his own foal, Saffy. It’s hilarious to watch horse shenanigans!

You can enjoy a very close and loving bond with a horse. So it’s wonderful to see Danny relaxing and allowing some loving attention. Just look at his face.

IMG_8902 IMG_8912