The weather here is fantastic at the moment. The days are still warm; sometimes even hot. The nights and early mornings are getting coolish though. Locals are saying we won’t have much of a Winter. I hope that’s true actually. The last two Winters, I’ve been in Rome and have missed most of the rain, cold or snow.

Because of the wonderful weather, I’ve been spending a lot of time with the horses. I’ve taken over the trimming of their hooves. I’ve been watching and learning from various farriers for over two years now and, although I don’t have their knowledge, I have enough to do a basic trim.

So I bought some farrier tools – nippers, rasp and knives – and I’ve trimmed all five horses this last week. I expected it would be a burden on my back, what with all the bending over, but I have a strong back thanks to years of yoga. What I didn’t expect was the sore muscles at the back of the legs and calves. I was walking a bit like John Wayne the day after trimming my two biggest horses, Miss Rosie and Danny.

My belief is that if you have horses, you have a responsibility to care for them in every possible way. And if you’re up for it, that means trimming hooves. It increases the loving bond between human and horse too.

El Hubs was out in the arena the other day mending a fence post. Saffy and her mum, Karma, were very curious and I was hanging around with them. I always suspected that Saffy is a horse angel and now there’s proof – the heavens were shining down on her!


Saffy has a fascination with the floppy white sunhat I wear. She looks like she’s about to join the Navy!


Karma (foreground) and her daughter, Saffy, watching El Hubs.


My little horse angel, Saffy.