Remember Zeph and who’s in trouble? Well, despite our dogs don’t get on the outdoor table lectures, Zeph is doing more than testing boundaries – he’s being provocative!

I popped outside the other day and there was Zeph. Standing on the table looking at me. I was so stunned, I was speechless: without speech (to paraphrase Elaine from The Good Samaritan episode of Seinfeld). Zeph continued to look at me whilst wagging his tail. Mmmm……

I told him to get down and he did but I later saw him there again, this time with Zsa Zsa looking up at him. I think the conversation went something like this…..


Hey Zsa Zsa: come over here. This outdoor table is a pretty good surface for sunbaking. I’ve done it before!


Zeph, I’m telling you…you’d better get off that table quickly. I can hear one of our humans coming!!