We spent April in Johannesburg, visiting the family of El Hubs. Although El Hubs was born in Mozambique (former Portuguese colony), his family moved to South Africa in the 1970s during the struggle for independence. So El Hubs went to school in J’Burg and still has a slight South African accent.

I’ll talk more about J’Burg in future posts but, at the risk of offending any reader from J’Burg, what a crap city! Not much to do there except stroll around shopping centres (with some, like Sandton City, being way over-priced). The city is visually unattractive too.

El Hubs was looking for a funky iPad cover. He didn’t find one that he liked but, in one design shop, he nearly bought a leather cover and inside the cover was this card. LOVE.

Click on the image below to see the cheeky ideas like: use the card as a stage for mice or a prop for straightening out a wobbly table.