We flew Qantas Premium Economy over to Johannesburg (from Sydney). I’ve been avoiding Qantas these last few years, favouring Emirates instead. This was mainly due to what I considered pretty poor service the last few times I flew with the flying kangaroo. But they had a good deal for Premium Economy to J’Burg and so we thought why not. Glad we did. The service going over was great and not that different to Business Class. Coming back, it wasn’t as great but I’ll save all this for a future post.

On the flight over, I was reading the inflight magazine and there was an article about Testaccio – the very suburb I chose to live in during my two months in Rome last year. In 2011, I lived just across the road from Circus Maximus for the 2.5 months I was working in Rome and I often hotfooted it into Testaccio on Saturday to visit the amazing patisseries and small shops. And, of course, the Testaccio markets.

When I landed another 2 months in Rome during 2012, I was determined to get an apartment in Testaccio. Proved to be far more difficult than I imagined but I ended up with the most perfect (and recently renovated) apartment in this typical Italian suburb.

So it was great to read in the magazine about Testaccio and how the Romans know it has the best food. I can certainly say that Zi Elena had THE best cappuccino and ciambella (basically, a large sugared doughnut) and Gastromomia E. Volpetti was a truly stunning cheese and speciality food vendor. EVERYTHING was in Testaccio and I loved every minute of my time there.

Who knew that I am such a cool person to have chosen such a cool place to live in Rome. 🙂

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