I promised to tell you about Qantas Premium Economy. I’ve not flown Business Class before on Qantas (not that I can remember anyway) but have done on Emirates and Singapore Airlines. So I’ll have to compare Premium Economy to this. I completely forgot to get photos of the seats to show you the space but did remember to get photos of the food (I have my priorities right!).

The first thing to tell you is there’s a separate Premium Economy check-in counter, additional luggage allowance and priority boarding. And Qantas allows two carry-on bags of up to 7kg each. Premium Economy tickets cost 30-50% more than an economy ticket. I think there were 32 seats on the plane we took over to Johannesburg and the cabin sits right behind Business Class on the upper deck. The seats were wider than Economy (sorry, didn’t get the measurements) and the cabin was very quiet due to less foot traffic. A padded footrest was built into the comfy chairs but I think this footrest is a bit of a let down. It could have been more substantial and adjustable.

I was pleased with the entertainment system. I LOVE Emirates’ ICE entertainment system so was keen to see what Qantas would offer up. As in Business class, the screen is stored in the armrest and the selection of new release and classic movies was good (I watched the new James Bond film, Skyfall, and then listened to music). Champagne, juice or water were offered pre-take off and the cabin steward introduced himself and was extremely friendly.

As for the food, I’ll show the menu in my next post. I pre-ordered Indian vegetarian and I was served up a very substantial Indian meal with chickpeas, spinach and basmati rice. I was astounded to see REAL cutlery rather than the plastic rubbish we’ve had to put up with since 9/11. What has always amused me is this – plastic knives replaced metal ones but you were often supplied with metal forks. You think you can’t stab someone with a metal fork? El Hubs had the menu designed by Australian masterchef, Neil Perry

Throughout the flight, you could get a panini or baguette freshly made or you could choose some quality biscuits with a cup of tea or coffee. No starving between main meal and just-before-you-land service.

Coming back, the food wasn’t as great. Guess this is because the food wasn’t prepared in Oz or by Neil Perry. But this certainly hasn’t put me off. In fact, the whole PE experience has tempted me back to the red kangaroo.


For some reason, the white tablecloth thingo is missing in this photo.


This was a VERY tasty Indian vege meal.


Was fantastic to eat with a real knife and fork rather  than plastic ones that often break.