I promised to show you the Qantas Premium Economy menu. You get a special printed menu and the food (from what El Hubs told  me) was pretty scrumptious. I opted for vegetarian and was served special meals, which were also very good.

Departure time for our flight from Sydney to Johannesburg was 11.15am. Good timing as lunch was served about an hour later. The Premium Economy menu is inspired by leading Australian restaurateur Neil Perry. What I thought was really great was the inflight refreshments. I’m well-used to Economy where you basically starve on a 12 hour flight because nothing much is available between dinner and breakfast.

In Premium Economy, you could choose from toasted Italian flat bread with leg ham, Gruyère and Dijon mustard. Or a blue cheese and broccoli tart with rocket salad. I went with the Brookfarm Trail Mix and a cup of tea with yummo biscuits. I did steal El Hubs’ dessert from the dinner menu – dark chocolate mousse with salted caramel fudge. It was sensational.

We’d certainly fly Premium Economy again with Qantas. As I told you in my last post, I haven’t flown the red kangaroo for quite a few years. I was dissatisfied with the level of service and I found Emirates to be far superior. However, our experience flying to J’Burg has tempted us back. Good on you Qantas.

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