Zeph is four months older than Zsa Zsa. And it’s true to say he had four months of quality time with us before little ZZ came along. So she’s never really had time on her own with me or El Hubs. Zeph has always been there too.

The breeder thought it was time for diva dog Zsa Zsa to go out on her own with one of us. Luckily, a new dog walking group has started up in the area and so I took Zsa Zsa along for the first time this week. I decided to get to the meeting point about ten minutes ahead of time, to desensitize her. She doesn’t like truck or car noises – funny that, as she LOVES riding in the car.

She was a bit scared of all the new smells and noises but very curious. Then along came the first dog, Marlo, with his owner and then our friend, Stephanie, rocked up with her five Pointers. Zsa Zsa gingerly sniffed Marlo and they seemed to get along. But she decided to hang out with Stephanie and the other Pointers as we began our walk.

At first, she walked with her tail between her legs and was clearly unnerved by the passing traffic. But half way through the walk, she joined Edie and Rumour – two of my friend’s Pointers. Her tail was up as well as her confidence. She fell in with the other Pointers and, soon after that, she was taking the lead. Tail wagging and as happy as I’ve ever seen her. We all ended up at a local cafe that has a garden where dogs can run around. We’ll be walking every Wednesday from now on.


Zsa Zsa wasn’t ready to join the walking group yet. She was still a little scared. Zeph’s Dad, Sam, is the Pointer to the immediate right of Stephanie.


Zsa Zsa gains confidence and steps in with Edie and Rumour.