I was in Sydney for six days last week. I was there to speak at a conference and then spend a few days with my Aussie mate and God-niece, Emily. The conference was held at a hotel in the CBD – prime positioning for some shopping! But I didn’t have much opportunity to actually go shopping, boo. Late night shopping in Sydney is Thursday night, so I did whip out quickly in the Pitt Street Mall area and came across one heck of a giant dog.

From a distance, I thought I was looking at a miniature polar bear. Lots of people were crowding round this old chap and what turned out to be a Great Pyrenees dog called Snowbear. Well, I think this is right. I asked the old chap what sort of dog the massive canine is and he pointed to his cap, which was monogrammed Snowbear. I couldn’t get anything more out of the old guy; he was a man of few words but a quick Internet search confirms that the breed is the Great Pyrenees.

I swear this monster dog would have Zeph and Zsa Zsa for breakfast! Actually, can you imagine how much food this dog must eat? Maybe that’s why the old guy was smack bang in the middle of Pitt Street Mall asking for donations for human and dog. I offered up five bucks and quickly took some snaps to show you.

IMG_9468 IMG_9471