You have two English Pointers and you need two things: a lot of energy and a good sense of humour. Both Zeph and Zsa Zsa get up to THE most hilarious antics and usually at the speed of light.

Both of them can come in and out of the house whenever they want. Zeph is constantly running in and out, whereas little ZZ prefers to stay close to me. But Zeph can sometimes get himself a bit confused – he goes out one door and doesn’t seem to remember that he can come back in through the very same door. I often see him peering in through the lounge room window as if to say Have you locked me out? How do I get back in?

And then we have diva dog Zsa Zsa. She loves her snoozes, particularly in the sun. The other day, I found her draped over the back of the living room couch (which has a special dog proof cover on it). She had been gazing out the window, but was obviously so tired by this activity, that she fell asleep. I might add in a not very ladylike position!

IMG_9602 IMG_9647