Whilst in Stockholm last year, I bought two fleece blankets for Zeph and Zsa Zsa. English Pointers LOVE to be wrapped up in blankets when it’s cold. They have a collection of blankets from the various countries I’ve visited or worked in – so when I saw the cute fleecy elk blankets, I bought them one each.

Being a feminine diva dog, Zsa Zsa’s blanket is pink and black; whilst Zeph’s is a more manly black and white. The blankets are by Swedish brand, Färg&Form, and are called Moz Fleece Elk Blankets.

I busted the blankets out today because it’s been raining and a bit chilly. The dogs go out in the rain and then they come in with muddy paws – so we have a special undercover area off the verandah where we have towels. Zeph and little ZZ get a good rub down with the towels to get rid of any mud. Zsa Zsa then disappeared under her elk blanket. Zeph decided to stare out the window for awhile and model his black and white number for you.

I wish I had bought a couple more of these blankets. They are super warm and look stylish. I did find them on a UK website but they were £44.00 (around NZ$84.00). I paid around NZ$20.00 per blanket in some little shop in the new part of Stockholm.


Zsa Zsa is under here somewhere.


I’m a MALE Pointer. No way am I modelling that pink elk blanket!